NYC Empire State KEB Hana Bank Building Fort Lee Branch Interior



KEB Hana Bank USA, National Association is a commercial bank serving the banking needs of small professionals and retail businesses and real estate investors in New York City and Northern New Jersey. We are a member of the Hana Financial Group family of companies with global consolidated assets of more than $270 billion, and while we have a particular focus on the Korean community, we serve all of the communities located in our market area.


At KEB Hana Bank USA we strive to be regarded as the premier bank in our community. We will earn our place as a leading bank in our community by building long-term relationships with our customers, employees and our community, by providing professional knowledge and insight that is valued by our customers and community, and by promoting prudent and sustainable growth in our community.

Core Values

We will achieve our vision by strict adherence to our core values:

  • Integrity - Consistent commitment to honesty and fairness
  • Commitment to Success - Attainment of goals and realization of purpose
  • Mutual Respect - Having regard for each other and displaying courtesy and civility
  • Customer Centric - Realizing the centrality of customers
  • Performance Orientation - Prioritization of our common goals, common mission and common vision

KEB Hana Bank USA, Healthy Finance, Happy Together

To find out more about our association please visit or contact any of our branch locations.