KEB Hana Bank USA respects the trust our customers place in us, and the confidential nature of information our customers share with us through their banking relationship. Accordingly, customer information is collected, retained, used and safeguarded with consideration for its confidentiality and used by KEB Hana USA only when it believes it is useful and allowed by law to administer its business and to provide products, services and other opportunities to our customers. KEB Hana Bank USA places limitations on employees who need to handle such data in the course of doing business with our customers, as well as on anyoutside companies that perform services related to our business, for example printing your checks or sending out tax reporting forms. KEB Hana Bank USA maintains appropriate security standards and procedures to protect the confidentiality of customer information.

In the normal course of banking operations, it is both necessary that we communicate information to or about our customers, and sometimes mandatory that the bank provide information to the "outside". Examples of this include: the mailing of account statements and loan information to customers, responding to subpoenas, requests from bank regulators or other legally required disclosures of information, credit reporting, and risk management. In addition, customers may authorize the sharing of information for credit references, to enable payments by check or credit card, or for other business transactions.

These are some examples of the appropriate use of customer information. KEB Hana Bank USA conducts such business within the framework of respect for the confidential nature of the information being provided and circumstances requiring disclosure.

KEB Hana Bank USA strives to provide excellent service to our customers. We believe that the customers’ confidential information is enhanced by keeping customer data up-to-date and accurate. We recognize that customer input is an essential part of that effort. We want to reassure you that when you provide personal financial information to KEB Hana Bank USA, your privacy is protected.

One of our goals is to offer our customers products that we think may be of interest to them. From time to time, KEB Hana Bank USA will communicate with our customers to make them aware of our financial products and services. Occasionally, KEB Hana Bank USA may introduce a financial product to our customers from a non-affiliated, outside company.

KEB Hana Bank USA will continue to send notifications and other communications that are normally included in your statements. However, as a customer of KEB Hana Bank USA, you may notify us if you do not wish to receive marketing information from unaffiliated companies via mail and/or phone. To exercise this right, you may notify us in writing at the following address:

KEB Hana Bank USA
P O Box 20013
Greeley Square Station, New York 10001-0002
Attention: Compliance

Please provide your exact name, address, account number(s) and phone number, and indicate your preference of the following options regarding the distribution of marketing information:

Do not send information via U.S. mail or phone.
Do not send information via U.S. mail.
Do not send information via phone.

This policy was effective March 17, 2000, and may be modified from time to time.

To find out more about our association please visit or contact any of our branch locations.